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ADRAW125.ZIP 83K09/01/1999v1.25 ACiDDraw is a utility for manipulating ANSI and ASCII text. The authors of this utility have sought to include the most useful tools for manipulating ANSI and ASCII text that could be conceived. The ideas of some of the most experienced artists in these areas have been implemented in every way possible, to create, what we hope, is the most useful utility of this type to date.
AVD-436.ZIP 196K04/01/1998v4.36 ACiD View for DOS - The most comprehensive graphical art viewer in production. This innovative program is capable of displaying ANSI, BIN, GIF, JPG, RIP, and XBIN graphics. In addition, the viewer has been designed with a special interest for those who multi-task. ACiD View utilizes its own internal ANSI engine, making capable of viewing ANSI without a separate device driver. Other features include slide show, GIF screen capture, and modem emulator. We hope that ACiD View provides you with as much pleasure as we intended with its creation.
AVX-005.TGZ 30K 07/01/1996v0.05ACiD View for X-Windows
Public Domain.
SPN2D161.ZIP 30K07/31/1998v1.61 SPOON II - the most configurable SAUCE editor ever. Through it's INI file, one can customize things such as file sorts, the name of their organization, and up to 100 abbreviated names.
TOMB-200.ZIP 172K09/01/1996v2.0 Tombstone Artist(TA) is a powerful RIPscrip paint program, fully featured for creating & editing RIP graphics. New in this version of TA is command line file loading, pie slices, and a snap-to grid. With TA, a sysop can easily design high-quality graphics for their BBS, including buttons and mouse regions.
Uncrippled Shareware.
XBINCAP.ZIP 9K05/30/1999v1.0 XBinCap - Captures textmode screens including pallete and font data to the popular XBIN format.

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